Where as Quality Engineering is more about focusing and solving problems vertically within development teams, our Quality Coaching fans out horizontally. It tackles the problems every team suffers from and focuses on communities that make these problems go away, aiming for growth and improvement in team culture, peoples' skills and abilities, communication, collaboration and quality processes. This is just a part of what you can expect when investing in our Quality Coaching:

  • Training programs. We can run individual trainings varying from tooling to risk management, from communication methods to quality leadership practices. Or we can plan and implement entire curriculums to ensure systematic personnel growth, and even career development in quality. Our deep networks help us bring in quest speakers from different areas of expertise, all of them representing the very best of the business.
  • Process development and implementation. All the good that happens within the organisation and in comparable contexts (e.g. in competitor) needs to be eternalized into processes and scaled throughout organisation. It can be anything from individual coding practices to how data is gathered from production and utilized in development. We are particularly good in modernizing testing processes.
  • Quality Management System. Not the kind they used to build T-Model Fords with, but the modern kind fitting for fast-moving digital world. A body of work that helps coordinate and direct company's activities to meet customer and regulatory requirements and improve its effectiveness and efficiency on a continuous basis.

The core of our coaching philosophy are the Communities Of Practice. We do things together and we commit to the results together. We unite people from business and tech to work on common goals. We even invite your CEO to the mix, if needed. As a result the entire company takes controlled steps towards better quality as a united front. And to make it a bit more interesting, we also facilitate events, where different companies and their respective communities can join and learn from each other, making something grand in the process.

If you want to know more about how we help our customers via Quality Coaching, you know what to do.

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