Even though we have taken the evolutionary step to Quality Leadership, as described in our story, our bread and butter is still Quality Engineering. That's what most of the customers still want and that's where most of the quality-focused workforce still resides.

But what is it exactly? What would you get, if you decide to buy Quality Engineering from us? Before we meet and start mapping out your specific needs, here are few teasers:

  • Testing. Experimentation with computer systems (incl. AI and data systems) to provide critical insight and support for decision making. There are many ways to do it, but once you've seen how we do it, you don't want to have it any other way.
  • Automation. There is an increasing number of things we shouldn't do by hand when doing quality-focused work and for that we leverage machines. Sure, we'll build and maintain all the needed infra and test harnesses for you, find the right tools for it and in general provide efficient feedback loops, but our competitive edge comes from the ability to judge when automation should be used and how, and when it shouldn't.
  • Development fluency. Even though developers are getting really good at testing, automating chores and in general quality-focused work, they have a lot on their plates. And only very few have the luxury of diving deep into quality. Whether it's testing, automation, environments, data, deployment pipelines, monitoring, analytics, or even production code, we can help.

Our understanding on digital service lifecycle spans from the very first business ideas to that very moment, when the service is shut down in production. We've formulated it into a model where various quality dimensions affect all lifecycle stages. For example security, performance and accessibility are taken into account from the get-go instead of being an expensive afterthought.

If you want to know more about how we help our customers via Quality Engineering, you know what to do.

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