Our story stems all the way back to the industrial age, when early 20th century mass production started to highlight the need for standards to ensure product quality and consistency. Icons like Frederick Taylor, Henry Ford and W. Edwards Deming set the stage for disciplines that evolved into what we know as Quality Management, and of course the almighty Quality Assurance, a rigorous and process-heavy approach aimed at determining whether a product or service meets specified requirements.

However, the digital era—with its rapid updates, innovation, and complexity—demanded a shift. Enter Quality Engineering, a modern evolution from Quality Management and Assurance. It integrates quality deeply within the software development lifecycle, empowering developers to shoulder quality-focused activities. This shift towards embedding quality directly in development practices enables us to meet the high standards of today's digital consumers efficiently and effectively.

Yet, the transition to Quality Engineering revealed a gap: the loss of holistic, business-driven quality strategies and leadership. Amidst our technological advancements, the essence of Quality Management's century-old lessons began to fade, leaving a void filled only by tactical, code-focused solutions. As a result companies started to lose strategic oversight, unified vision and cohesion on quality, consistency and predictability on products and services, and even revenue.

Recognizing this, Qlarify emerged. Not just as Quality Advocates, but as pioneers in Quality Leadership. We're on a mission to redefine quality across all dimensions, blending classic engineering with coaching and strategic insights. Our goal? To embed a lasting quality mindset and habits at every company level, ensuring our impact endures well beyond our engagement.

As part of the Futurice Family, Qlarify stands at a unique vantage point. We're not just independent advocates; we're partners in building unprecedented quality landscapes. And we're inviting you to join us on this transformative journey.

Markku Piirtola

Co-founder & CEO

+358 50 587 4136

Sami Söderblom

Co-founder & Principal Consultant

+358 50 513 7794