Yeah, that's what we like to call ourselves: Quality Advocates. A merry group of professionals who promote and facilitate activities that have a positive impact on quality. At the core of what we do are classic engineering activities such as experimenting with computer systems (incl. AI and data systems) to provide critical insight and support for decision making, automating chores and helping development to run more smoothly. It can have coaching flavours such as building and running a company-wide quality community, implementing training programs and developing quality processes. But ultimately we aspire to be the key partner in quality, that takes the responsibility of leading our clients towards quality mindset and habits. That pays dividends long after we've left the building.

We are a brand spanking new consultancy, but customers are already lining up and waiting for us to rescue them from the clutches of bad quality. We've been operating for just a few months and already met dozens of board members, C-suite management, heads of units and people, who are knee deep in implementation. They all sing the same song: Companies need more quality focused people in their ranks. Now more than ever, because everything has become digital and the world puts its weight more and more on systems, that have been built on other priorities than quality.

This is where you come in. We need people in our ranks. Souls who understand what the customer wants, and needs. Quality focused people, sure. In more practical level we help our customers get their testing going. We help them automate chores. We help them to be more fluent in their development. We help them build and run a quality community. We help them hire the best talent and train their people into quality champions, who continue the work we started. Processes? Diagnostics? Tooling? We help. Ultimately we help our customers paint a clearer picture on how they bring value to their customers and what risks hinder this. We bring clarity to quality, so that our customers can make better decisions and better business. This is where our values and even company name stem from.

We have ideas on how to do all this, but we have two ears, two eyes and one mouth and we use them in proportion. We want to learn from our customers and we want to learn from you. Everyone who joins into our effort contributes to our values, to our offering and to our culture. If everything goes as planned, within five years we'll have a home for 60-100 quality focused professionals, who value meaningful and fulfilling work, systematic career growth, the coolest colleagues and a working environment, that is dedicated to peoples' wellbeing and success.

We invite you to join us in building such a workplace.

You know what to do.